Meet our newest #SQUAD member: Hannah Laity

We are so excited to have Hannah Laity a part of our STIRLINGWOMEN SQUAD. If you already follow her on the gram you’ll know this gal is a busy lady. We caught up with her on how she finds balance in a her fast paced lifestyle. Keep reading to find out a little bit more about this gem and what Activewear gears she’s loving right now.

Hannah Laity

What’s your best tips for managing your schedule when you know you’re coming in to a busy period, work, travel, events, rugby games etc? 

I love writing all my commitments down in weekly/monthly planners so I can see exactly what's coming up and prioritize. If I am really busy I try not to go longer than 3 days without a work out, that's my rule!

What’s your daily morning routine? 

Wake up, have a stretch/foam roller session, maybe take the dog for a little walk, make a smoothie and then head to work. 

Hannah Laity

What time of the day do you prefer to workout? 

Either around midday or after work. I struggle to get a workout done before work during the weekdays!

Favourite type of exercise and why? 

Anything social that involves other people, whether it be a class at the gym or a run with some friends. At the moment, I'm really enjoying HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts (short but not sweet!).  

What’s your go to treat to get you through the day (healthy or not)? 

I am obsessed with Tom & Luke Trinity Bars!

And lastly, what are your fav activewear and athleisure picks for the season?

I am loving the PE Nation Mad Dog tank, Push Pass crop, adidas Z.N.E pants and adidas Tubular Viral sneakers right now. 

Hannah Laity

Hannah Laity


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