Introducing The Sneaker Studio


Welcome to the year of 2019. A world where ‘lattewear’ is officially a thing. Where bike shorts, paired with a blazer is the height of fashion, and we are more than okay with it! This is the year that sneakers are a girls best friend and are absolute necessities in every girls outfits for day to day life.

Let’s look at a few fun facts:

 - Us girls live in sneakers. This means, we’ll definitely be buying multiple pairs a year!

-  We buy certain styles for certain occasions, and for specific purposes

-  We (well, I know I do) wear sneakers 24/7, 365. Gone are the days where going out in a dress means that you have to pair it with heels. When you could pair it with something A LOT comfier ;)

We introduce you to the 'Sneaker Studio’, your guide and inspiration for all things sneakers. Let us help you build your ultimate Sneaker wardrobe.

Five categories of sneakers that we believe should be in every girls wardrobe. Lets break this down…




Your bread and butter category.  The key and number one staple in every girls wardrobe.

Whether it be the ‘classic white sneaker’ or the ‘basic black sneaker’ – this staple shoe goes with anything and everything and can be worn 7 days a week.

Typically this comes in the form of a basic court shoe, and typically us girls are gonna have more than one!

Shop THE CLASSICS collection


The safe…but OH SO stylish sneaker of choice to dress up an outfit.

When you want a little change up from the weekday uniform, the weekenders are your sneaker of choice. This category typically stays safe and classic in style but has a slight pop of something else.

Whether this be a dash of colour, a little extra height or a bit of sparkle – the weekenders add just a little something extra to a girls outfit.

Shop THE WEEKENDER collection


The statement sneaker that’s all about being noticed

For those days where the classic just doesn’t cut it, where you want your shoes to be LOUD. 

The show offs don’t complement an outfit; they complete it. Whether its through style, trends or a pop of colour – these guys are all about being noticed and making a statement.

Typically this category mirrors trends such as ‘the chunky Dad trainer’ or ‘the retro sneaker’ and 9 times out of 10 they’ll have a streak of bold and bright colour. 

Shop THE SHOW OFF collection


With style; comes comfort. That’s the motto for this category.

Also known as ‘the holiday edit’, this collection has all your travel go-to’s, from sandals, to lace ups, to festival-wear to the great outdoors.

This category works 4 seasons in one range, suited for travel in both hemispheres.


Shop THE TRAVELLER collection



An amalgamation of our training and running categories; this collection is all about finding a shoe to enhance ones performance, and looking damn good while doing it.

Whether you’re a gym bunny, a walker or a 10k runner, this category has all your work out options that range in terms of technical features.

The performer will always live up cosmetically, but is sound for function and comfort.

Shop THE PERFORMER collection


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