S N E A K E R  S T Y L E  G U I D E 

Summer is upon us and while most of us are clearing the dust off our beloved sandals, others are stepping out in the ever-present dad inspired, sneaker trend. Who would have EVER thought the dad-style of sneans that we all cringed over as kids, would be one of the biggest trends and to actually stick around. If you love the idea, but are always thinking what to pair those sneakers with, we've put together a guide to help a gal out and to rock those chunky dad shoes with confidence, wether it be with trackies or bike shorts - we've got you covered with some pretty awesome fashion inspo! 

We get this is a style you're either going to love or something you'll simply just push to the side, but before you do so check out the many ways you can dress up or dress down a look with this trend thats not going anywhere anytime soon. 

L O O K  O N E.

Easing into things, you can't go wrong with a pair of classic white or nude sneakers and pairing them with your favourite pair of jeans or a denim mini with a relaxed tee. This is a safe option to start with and has that classic fresh look no matter the time of year. 


L O O K  T W O.

Pairing some sneaks and your favourite dress is the easiest way to rock this trend and you really can't go wrong. We all know spending long days on you feet in heels isn't the comfiest! So opting for pair of sneakers instead or heels will be the best decision you'll make and your feet will definitely thank you for it at the end of the day. Worried your fit won't look so glam? Agreed sneakers can dress down an outfit but they can also elevate your look.  Plus a one piece outfit alone is a win. 


L O O K  T H R E E.

Suit up. Power Suits are another trend of their own, from being completely structured to having no shape at all - but this is where the power suit give us form and function and our own power. Same with sneakers, find what you love, what gives you that feeling that you can take on anything and you have complete comfort and functionality. When pairing sneakers opt for a fresh white pair, they are sure to compliment any colour suit you choose to rock and will have a great contrast effect. 





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