Ultraboost 20


First hitting the pavement in 2013, performance shoe standards were forever changed when Adidas introduced boost to the world. Boost was the start of a new era for Adidas, it had energy return technology like no other and totally shook up the running game. Boosts have become one of the most iconic shoes to date, not just on the track but this shoe can be seen in streetwear culture around the world.

Just when we think the technology couldn’t get any better, Adidas come out with the most sustainable energy boosting performance shoe yet..

The Ultraboost 20

The Ultraboost 2020 is all about the out of this world energy return and taking it 408km above the surface of the earth. The Ultraboost 20 is writing the first chapter of the aerospace moon-mission with iridescent midsoles inspired by the comet dust which plays visually into the mission to get the first tourist on the moon by 2023. Their mission is also to push the limit of possibility to empower the athletes of the earth.

What’s you need to know about the UB20

These new Ultraboost feature Primeknit+ and have 100% recycled polyester TFP (tailored fibre placement) which defines a new fit with precise support right where it is needed.
Sustainability, Adidas have increased the Primeblue content by 70% - Primeblue contains Parley Ocean Plastic, which is a fabric made from plastic waste from the seas.


Quick facts on boost tech:

  • Boost consists of thousands of E-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) capsules fused together using steam and pressure.
  • The unique cell structure of Boost allows each capsule to store and unleash energy more efficiently than any other foam.
  • Boost is a unique foam that provides maximal cushioning and comfort with consistent performance durability over the shoe lifetime.

In 2015 Ultraboost was developed using ARAMIS motion capture technology, which was previously used by NASA for testing the structural integrity of space shuttles.

Check out the all new Ultraboosts below, photographed on Renee Stewart 
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Ultraboost 20

Ultraboost 20

Ultraboost 20


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