From guilty pleasures to morning motivation to goal setting, we caught up with some boss babes of the moment to find out all this and more, so grab your green smoothie sit back, relax and get inspired xx


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Last reformer for the year, wearing all new @stirlingwomen #STIRLINGWOMEN ??

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What is your Monday morning motivation?

Besides the saying "Summer is coming" haha I guess I am just a pretty big believer in starting the week off right, so Monday morning motivation for me is setting myself up for the week and the kind of week that I want to have!

From experience I know that if I don't set a goal or task for myself I won’t achieve anything, so I do often set myself small goals for the week as soon as I arrive at work on a Monday morning. This is anything from a workout goal, like how many times I want to workout for the week right through to my work jobs I need to achieve as well as anything personal to do that week.

Sometimes Monday can be a drag, but every Monday evening I do reformer pilates which no matter how I am feeling beforehand I always feel 5X better afterwards and it is key to helping me kick my week off well. I started reformer back in August this year and LOVE IT, I find it so good for the mind and stress as well. 
You’ve got great style! Where do you get your inspiration from?
It really does come from other people or seeing a clothing piece I love and thinking about all the different ways I could style it! I do find a lot of inspiration from some of my favourite accounts on Instagram, one of my favourite accounts is Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat). She is a fashion blogger/style icon who is from New York & I really find her business accomplishments & of course her style so inspiring. Although half of what she wears I would never be able to afford the price tag I think its fun to follow people like her who give you ideas on different ways to style and wear things. 

What item can you not leave the house without? (excluding your cell phone)

This is a really hard question, but probably my MAC lippy! I alternate between a few different shades of brown (velvet teddy is my favourite) but I always have one with me... in my car, bag or at my desk. It can help you feel instantly polished for anything haha!

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What is your proudest achievement to date? 

Running my first marathon in 2015 has been a huge highlight throughout my running career. I went into this race with no expectation or pressure to perform well, and I ran away with second place and a PB that still currently stands!! 

What gets you motivated?  

Knowing that I am continually trying to improve, whether it is as an athlete or not, I get up every day with the desire to push myself to be the best version of me that I can be. Running compliments many other things I do in my life, so my motivation to run comes from wanting to better all aspects of my life including my physical, mental and emotional health.

What music are you currently listening to when running?  

I am actually addicted to podcasts! I listen to a variety of podcasts when I am running but my current favourites are the 'Girls on Top' podcast with Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor, as well as the Oprah Winfrey Super Soul  Conversations. There is something relaxing about listening inspirational people talk when running that takes your mind to another place. I get lost in the words and lost in the run.

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Have been living in this bra @reeboknz @stirlingwomen #PureMove #BeMoreHuman #BraGoals

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Has your exercise regime changed leading up to your wedding?

Not really, I have been keeping up with my F45 classes and hot yoga. I believe in listening to my body and not over doing it if I’m feeling exhausted! 

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

 Definitely fries! 

Ideal NZ summer getaway location?

The Mount, I just love it. Such a beautiful big beach and always heaps to do there.


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