SW Run club with Lydia O'Donnell

We were lucky enough to have Lydia O'Donnell come along to our SW Run Club to chat about all things running, and to celebrate the new range of Nike Epic React.


What you need to know about the new Nike Epic React:

"This running shoe is not just for looks, and is not just for an elite runner. It’s everybody shoe."

"The cushioning system is the react foam, and is an upgrade from the lunar foam. It’s lighter, softer and more durable and has a super free feeling. Durability is super important for running shoes that are used on different surfaces."

"The Flyknit upper is one knit that weaves the entire shoe up. Super durable. Where the knit is tight in the upper it allows more support. Where it’s open it’s made more for breathability."

"It may look thin but this style locks to your foot. The contour enables a support system, creating great stability for any runner."

"The shoe contains no glues or plastics that make the shoe heavy, it's a super lightweight shoe. This makes it great for racing allowing you to feel and run faster. Over lay on the heel for more support."

"Allows you to run the distances. If you're using the shoe for a 5km run, or if you're using them for a 24km run, the shoe will feel the same!"


Lydia’s Running tips:

TIP #1 - Be Patient. 

Getting fit takes time. Don’t expect immediate results. Give yourself the time to train properly and know if you stay consistent with your training, you will eventually fall in love with running and you will be a runner for life. Running should never be a fad. 

TIP #2 - Do it for the right reasons.

Body weight or aesthetics is not the right reason to run. Run for your mental and physical health, run because you love being outside, you love the feeling of the fresh air or you love the endorphins from exercise. Maybe you love the challenge of running fast. If you focus on areas other than the way you look you’ll love running a whole lot more. 

If you are wanting to improve your running technique or get a customised plan that suits you contact Lydia here.

Follow Lydia’s running journey @lydiaodo or


Shop the Nike Epic React collection 


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