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This week chatted to the two gals behind LA Vintage, Karenia & Jerica. LA Vintage is your go to for one of a kind vintage pieces from NBA, Tommy, Polo styles and more. A lot goes into running a small biz and we think this one is pretty great! We caught up to see what they do to keep well during the festive season and their go-to summer outfits.

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Well and Festive

What is your favourite thing about this time of year?

I love spending more time with friends and family! It’s nice to take a step back and appreciate everything you’ve done that year and celebrate!  - Karenia

It would definitely be spending more time with my family. I visit them quite often but Christmas season brings us all together for a little bit longer and the abundance of food helps too! - Jerica

Well and Festive

How do you keep well throughout the festive season?  

I definitely try to stay active and stick to my normal routine as much as possible (even though it’s a busy time of year!) I’m a big fan of smoothies for breakfast in the summer, it’s an easy way to get in lots of fruit and veggies!  - Karenia

Well and Festive

Well and Festive 
What is your favourite way to work-out during Summer?  

I love working out outside, it’s a lot more motivating to go for a walk or run around the park if it’s a nice day out!   - Karenia

I like to be outside more therefore I would lessen my time at the gym. I would tend to go for more walks up the hills or around my neighbourhood. - Jerica

LA Vintage

Go to Summer outfit? 

My go-to outfit is probably an oversized vintage tee with bike shorts (I love the Aim'n ones) or just my vintage Levi’s with a basic tank! I’m big on comfort so I’m always wearing sneakers! For summer, my favourites are my Nike Blazers and New Balance.  - Karenia  

It would have to be a nice flowy middy dress. I can dress it up or down depending on the day’s events. It’s also a very good day to night outfit if I’m out and about the whole day! - Jerica

Well and Festive 

Well and Festive


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